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  • Advise the clients which system may best serve the physical requirements of the project and produce the most cost effective solution.
  • Provide cost data and assist the client in preparing a budget for the project.
  • Work with the client to produce project schedules and determine the manpower needs to meet them.
  • Attend all major conferences.
  • Responsible for timely performance within budget parameters.
  • Continually available to serve the needs of the project.



  • Prepare and assist in evaluating alternative designs.
  • Organize and supervise the preparation of schematic, preliminary and contract drawings.
  • Prepare all specifications.
  • Supervise the checking of shop drawings and inspection in the field.
  • Maintain liaison with the client, construction manager and other consultants and attend all project meetings.
  • Monitor both project schedule and budget and appraise the principal in charge of any developments that impact on either schedule or cost.



  • Assist the associate in all the above and maintain project continuity, when the associate is involved in job meetings with the client or other consultants.
  • Prepare necessary calculations and designs, check shop drawings and make field inspections.
  • Work with supporting consultants to technical project requirements.

 Project Organisation


  • Make all necessary schematic, preliminary and final contract drawings under the supervision of the engineers.
  • Each Project becomes the direct responsibilty of a principal. The project is supervised by an associate.
  • Assisting the associate, and also members of the project team, is a project engineer, design engineers and the drafting group.
  • Continuity of service to the project from start to completion is maintained by the principal and associate.
  • Through organization, cooperation and enthusiasm, our entire firms experience is applied to each project.
  • Our goal is to assure excellence in engineering on time performance and response to the needs and budget of the client



One of the major factors leading to a successful project is the careful coordination of details of the electro-mechanical installation with architectural, Structural requirements. Crown Home prides itself on its frequent coordination sessions - made all the more easy as the related departments are integrated to the consultancy.

To complete a project successfully, Crown Home undertakes five major steps:

  • Carrying out a Field Investigation to assess local conditions and to determine the local availability of equipment, materials and organizations for service and maintenance.
  • Preparation of a Preliminary Report, to include estimates of basic requirements and the choice of systems concepts.
  • Preparation of a Fundamental Design, including economic comparison  of  alternatives,  description  of selected systems, sizing of major components, outline specification and budget estimates,
  • Preparation of a Final Designs and Tender Documents 2 including construction drawings, technical specifications, bill of quantities and cost estimates then, subsequently, Tender Evaluations.
  • During construction the Project team remains responsible for the approval of the contractor's shop drawings, equipment selection, and general follow-up on the Z construction site until commissioning and handing over.